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DEED 3D industrial-grade 3D printing and rapid prototyping solutions offer dentists, dental laboratories and dental manufacturers the ability to work faster and cheaper through a more predictable, streamlined and customized workflow with precision and accuracy.
DEED 3D can 3D print the following prototypes for you:
Dental and Orthodontic Models (E-Model and E-Appliance)
Castable Crowns, Bridges, Copings and Partial Denture Frameworks
Bite Splints or Night Guards (E-Guard)
Indirect Bonding Trays
Surgical Drill Guides
Flexible Gingiva Masks (E-Gum)
Denture Bases (E-Denture)

DEED 3D provides professional high-end industrial quality 3D printing,rapid prototyping and short run production solutions to help you transform your ideas into projects in different industries fields .