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DEED 3D rapid prototyping and 3D printing technology will help you develop products from medical devices to custom prosthetics. Sometimes surgery is a big challenge for doctor, although now doctor has newest technology to do surgery, but the risk still in there, especially for heart surgery and some surgeries which are in danger. In order to reduce the risk and save more lives, DEED 3D produces many medical prototypes such as heart prototype to help surgeons complete complex surgical procedures successfully.
With a wide range of materials like bio-compatible and rubber-like materials, the most comprehensive capacity of advanced additive manufacturing solutions, our experienced team is ready to meet your needs whether it's a medical device, cast or prosthetic.
Take advantage of materials with MRI shielding and ISO 10993, USP Class VI materials for Gamma & EtO sterilization to create the next big step toward a better health care.




DEED 3D provides professional high-end industrial quality 3D printing,rapid prototyping and short run production solutions to help you transform your ideas into projects in different industries fields .