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About DEED 3D
DEED 3D Helps Your Innovations To Market Faster.DEED 3D is your one-stop 3D printing service bureau that provides industry-leading expertise the first class 3D technology and solutions to help you transform your ideas into projects in differen industries fields

DEED 3D is a rapid prototype and manufacturing expert with over 12 years experience. DEED 3D provides professional high-end industrial quality 3D printing, rapid prototyping and short run production manufacturing service.
3d Printing Industry
Working Experience
50 +
Stratasys 3d Printers
50 +
Materials Available
Every Year
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Manufacturing Every Year
Quality Assurance
Deed3D promises to provide you the best rapid prototyping parts and ensure the complete quality controls process to
meet your requirements. We have passed the Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001:2015.
All the prototypes and products will be passed 100% inspection before shipping.
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Over more than 50 different materials, find the best solution for your project.
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