DEED 3D Increase the production capacity, more Stratasys 900 mc and 450 mc arrived
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Production Capacity Increase:More Furtus 900 mc and 450 mc arrived

As the time goes by, Deed 3d’s business is growing fast, in order to catch the requirements of our clients, Deed 3d order more industry printer to increase the production capacity, 3 Fortus 450mc and 1 Fortus 900mc arrived.


Bring the speed, agility and design freedom of advanced additive manufacturing to your business while gaining the latest advances in FDM technology.

The Fortus 900mc™ is the most precise and powerful FDM system available. With the largest build size of any Fortus® system, the Fortus 900mc is designed to handle the most demanding manufacturing needs. The accuracy, repeatability, and predictability are unmatched, and the control software leverages the system’s hardware to deliver superior throughput and reliability. building size is 914 x 600mm x 914mm.

The Fortus 450mc™ DEED 3D build high-requirement prototypes, rugged jigs, fixtures and tooling, and custom production parts in familiar thermoplastics. And these Deed 3d are engineered for ease of use, including an all-new,  touchscreen interface for a smooth workflow. Both let you choose materials individually or in economical bundles. building size is 406 x 355 x 406 mm.

Deed 3d will always do our best to provide the best quality parts in a short time to our clients, our job is to make your ideas be real. Save the time and cost, we deed 3d is your best choice!