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Professional packaging - Deed3d

As 3D printing enters people's lives, there are a lot of peoples may have experience of order 3d printed parts online, if the parts were great after printed, how can make sure that you can get the parts safe after flying a half world?

The answer is packed it very well.
We DEED 3D has received a lot of client’s complain, they used to work with some supplier, before shipment they have shown them pictures, it looks complete but after receiving it is broken, they believe it must be the problem of transportation, it is hard to promise your parts can be treated well during such long transportation, each step will happen a bad result, but if we have a good package, then we don’t need to afraid this problem.

See how DEED 3D to pack your parts:
1, clean the parts, remove the support and do some post-processing.

2, Surrounding by Foam pad, increase the impact resistant.

3, find the best case, suitable is the best.

4, the wood case if needed, 360° all-around protection

Each step DEED 3D will follow the international standard, from the material (100% original Stratasys material) to 3d Print parts (Stratasys Fortus and Objet series printers) and the final step to packing the parts. Choose DEED you choose the right supplier, no need to worry about each step.